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School Bus Services

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Transperth operates a number of special school buses to and from Servite College each day. These buses arrive and depart from the Western end of Cape St. This is a No Parking area for cars each morning and afternoon. The departure of the buses is supervised by a staff member each afternoon.

Smartrider cards will be issued to all students at no cost at the start of the school year. These can be pre-loaded with the amount you would like and can be used for student discount travel on public transport. From 2014, student photos will be included on the card, so they may also be used for identification purposes. If the card is lost, a $5.00 fee applies.

For information on specific bus routes, please access the Transperth hotline 13 62 13
(TTY: 9428 1999,TIS: 13 14 50).

Servite College also engages the services of a private bus company to accommodate some of those students who live outside the existing Transperth 'special bus' routes. Students may access this bus by purchasing a bus card at either the Main or Student Reception areas or at the College Library. The cards cost $10.00 and provide 10 bus rides ($1.00 per journey).

Any queries regarding this service may be directed to Westwide: 9206 3500 or to Student Reception.

Please find the route this bus service follows below.