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Called to Serve

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As our students journey through school, we aim to help them grow and mature intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. The College's Christian Service Learning (CSL) programme is a key catalyst to assist our students to grow, within a safe environment. The students grow by facing different challenges, having new experiences and being given the opportunity to use their own gifts and talents in an authentic way to help others. Our Year 9 students have commenced their CSL projects for 2017, taking the opportunity to work with the youth and elderly in our community. Students have registered their interest in placements at Kora, St Denis, St Kieran's and Amana Living, for an opportuity to experience the lives of people different to themselves and come to a deeper understanding, through the process of experiential learning and reflection, that they have the skills and ability to make a genuine difference to the lives of people through selfless giving of time and compassion. Students who have already participated in their placements share openly the positive impact this time has had on them personally.

On Monday the 8 May, I went to Kora Child Care. I had a great experience meeting such cute and wonderful children. They had such big hearts and it left a mark on me. The children have experienced hard times with their cultural backgrounds and family issues but I was so very touched by how happy they were. I connected with the children a lot and had lots of fun with them. I recommend to my friends that they should go to Kora and help out, it makes you feel inspired and it was so much fun to do many activities with the kids.

Ella Pearson AN3


Throughout the day at St Kieran's, I was able to meet younger children that I've never met or talked to. This was a refreshing experience as it was something that was new to me, meeting and connecting to younger children. I met a child in particular who made my day at St Kieran's more enjoyable, because of his bright and outgoing personality and knowing I was able to learn from these young people and still give of myself.

Jordan Rao SC7


Students are registering for their placements during their Year 9 Religious Education class and participate on Mondays throughout the year. If you would like more information on the Year 9 Christian Service Learning programme or Christian Service Learning in our College please see the College Portal or contact the Christan Service Learning Coordinator Ms Payne.


Mr Ryan Wiles
Director of Ministry