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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 9

St Juliana Feast Day

On Tuesday this week, our community gathered together to celebrate St Juliana Feast Day. Days like this are very important in the life of our school as they allow us time to pause and reflect on significant people who have shaped our Servite Story.

St Juliana was a humble person who sacrificed a wealthy and very comfortable lifestyle to serve others in need. She showed great leadership in establishing the first convent of the Servite Sisters where she fulfilled the role of Mother General until her death 35 years later. St Juliana would happily put her own life at risk every day to help the sick, always putting the needs of other before her own.

St Juliana is an empowering figure for women and showed what can be achieved through courage, determination and faith in God. Her achievements are enormous and are particularly significant given the time, place and the culture of the world in which she lived. She is a wonderful role model for all of us but particularly to our Servite women.

St Juliana lived in Florence in the 1300s. We are most fortunate to have a direct connection to her almost 800 years later in the form of our Servite Sisters. Like St Juliana, the Servite Sisters have devoted their lives to God and seek out those who need help and care. This generous gift of service, delivered in the same humble way that St Juliana went about her work, needs to be recognised and celebrated.

Our Servite sisters live out their value of compassion through the way that they seek out and serve those experiencing suffering and misfortune. Currently this includes working in schools, parishes and many ministries around Perth. It also includes their very dedicated work at Kora which is a day care centre for underprivileged families. The vision of Kora is "to uplift the quality of life of disadvantaged families through the provision of meaningful activities and programs so that they can reach their full potential and contribute to the society in which they live." I know that large groups of Servite students have enjoyed spending time working with the sisters at Kora to assist them in their great work.

We were very privileged to have Sisters Nevisa, Cecilia and Chitra join us in celebrating Mass on Tuesday. St Juliana Feast Day is a very special one for the Sisters as it is the day that commemorates the taking of their solemn profession. St Juliana is therefore most definitely a source of inspiration and guidance for them. We are most grateful to have the Servite Sisters as a core part of community and we thank them for their invaluable contribution.

I would like to acknowledge the terrific work of everyone involved in organising the Feast Day Mass. Thank you to the staff and students from our Ministry, ICT and Maintenance teams. A special thanks must go to Sr Chitra, Mr Wiles and Fra Oscar for their incredible efforts in ensuring the success of the Mass.


Best wishes and every blessing

Mr Jeff Allen